About Us


Tell-Tale Arts is a creative firm that helps small to mid-size businesses develop their brand to thrive in the fast pace of the modern business world. We understand that you have a trade and you don’t have time to burden yourself with things like web presence or social media popularity. We put you in a position to stand out in your industry and at a cost that makes sense. From a new logo or website, or marketing campaigns to get people to know about your product or service, we are here for you!

Photo by Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University

Tell-Tale Arts began way back in 1999 when as a college sophomore at Northeastern University, our founder Adam Walter was gifted his first copy of Adobe Photoshop and two books on HTML. From that point forward he knew that this was his passion.

From the humble world of designing flyers for the local Boston nightlife industry, designing and redesigning his personal website hosted on Geocities…to the multi-faceted design firm that it is today, Tell-Tale Arts has had a long and fruitful road that was paved with hard work and a never ending thirst to be on the cutting edge of digital arts and online marketing.

Spanning from Boston, to Baltimore, Virginia Beach, San Diego, Ohio, and more…Tell-Tale Arts has been lucky enough to serve companies of all shapes and sizes with a wide variety of client bases. From sports to soirées, we have a massive depth of experience that we bring to the table!

Today we still uphold the values that our origin story possessed: We love to create and ensure that creation enables the betterment of others. Any artist can create something beautiful. Tell-Tale Arts creates gorgeous products that serve a very specific purpose – To help people’s businesses grow!

We have traveled the world, spoken openly to people from all walks of life and background and there is one thing we have found that each and every person wants. That is to be understood. We each have our own goals, dreams and aspirations. We all come along a different path and approach it a different way. But at the end of the day if who we are, the business we run, and what we are trying to do is understood by those around us we are more equipped to take that which we pour our heart and soul into and put it to good use in our community be it small or large. Tell-Tale Arts has prided itself on being that conduit to help you take what you do so well and provide it to the world with open arms, and an optimistic outlook!

Give us a call today at (831) 204-8586 or email us at info@tell-talearts.com so we can talk about your future with you!