The Connection Between Man and Nature

 I am an avid fan of the podcast Stuff You Should Know and have listened to nearly every episode in my quest to fill my brain with as much knowledge as I can so I may hopefully understand the world around me better. This morning I listed to their “How Central Park Works” episode and I couldn’t help but think of how despite how far man advances and how much we try and remove ourselves from nature by building high-rises, roads, and urban centers we are at our core still compelled to be in touch with nature to some degree. There has in recent decades been an approach to reclaim these massive urban sprawls to give them back to nature in the form of parks and green spaces. As humans we often desire a more streamlined and cold feel in our modern world but wooden furniture is still the stalwart of nearly kitchen, office, or bedroom. There is something primal in our DNA that makes us year to have our design stay founded in what our ancestors used. I think that it’s important to keep this in the front of our minds as we continue to develop the world around us the try and satisfy our modern needs. We need nature at our cores. We are drawn to it and depend on it. This starts and ends with design.

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