Print Design

Print Design

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The process of quality print design goes far beyond that of your run-of-the-mill graphic designer. It’s imperative to trust someone who understands the variety of printing processes to ensure the greatest outcome.

Taking an idea and seeing it through to the point of a material printed result can be a trying process. From the design, to finding a quality printing resource, to ensuring the handover is done to spec and in a timely manner…it can become a time-drain on someone who is trying to run a small to medium-sized business. Tell-Tale Arts ensures not only that you get a top quality design that you are after, but we can help you find a printer that will give you the best work for your money and handle the pre-press process for you so you can focus on what you do best: running a successful business!

While the scope of graphic design costs covers a wide range, it might be hard to understand what’s sensible since the cost fluctuates from designer to designer. There is no set industry standard and print designers are allowed to charge whatever they wish, but our goal here at Tell-Tale Arts is to provide affordable options for small to medium-sided businesses so to help them flourish. Some may charge very high costs while others may charge absolute bottom costs just to get business but deliver sub-par work. Tell-Tale Arts has one goal: Get you the work you are proud to represent your brand to the printer, and at a cost that won’t keep you up at night!

The key to us being able to do excellent print design (or any type of work for that matter) is to have a creative brief with you about your company. We collaborate with you to capture all the necessary information to create a dynamite design for you. Some of the items we will be asking you are the following:

  1. Background: Who are you? What is your business? What products or services do you offer? What is your desired outcome from this particular design? How does it fit into your “big picture?”
  2. Goals: What are your overall business goals? What are the specific goals related to this project?
  3. Scope: What are the parameters pertaining to this particular project? How do you plan to use the final result?
  4. Competition: What are your competitors doing? What are your specific industry trends?
  5. Audience: What is your target audience or demographic for this project?
  6. Brand: What are the guidelines your brand would like to follow for continuity?
  7. Copy/Images: What is the text and images that you would like in your design and what sources will they be coming from?
  8. Timeline: This allows us to get a clear picture of a schedule and any milestones you may have.
  9. Budget: We pride ourselves in helping small to medium-sized businesses so we know this is important to you.
Print Design

Simple Print Design Rate

Print design is not something that can be squeezed into one form-fitting box and each project has its own set of parameters. Therefor, in order to ensure both parties will be equally compensated we have set a base rate of $40 per hour for graphic design jobs. This allows a reasonable way for our clients to budget their changes and extent of the work and our designers to be able to ensure that the task is worth the time. What’s also important is that you know what you are getting with your job. Below we have outlined what each graphic design job includes. If there is something missing from this list that your specific job requires please let us know so we can accommodate.

Print Design Rate
per hour
We will provide you with 5 (5) design concept options
You are allowed unlimited changes until you are pleased with the results
You will receive all design files and a high-res .pdf, .jpg, or other required file formats
If your project is set to go to a printer, 3D printer, car wrap establishment, etc we will work directly with them so that you don’t have to worry about being the middle-man.
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Trade And Barter Options

We understand that for small and medium-sized businesses that cost is a big deal. Therefor we sometimes are willing to accept trade or bartering for our services. This is done on a case-by-case basis but we are always open to the idea if you would like to offer something that your company does in payment. We always reserve the right to respectfully decline the offer in favor of a monetary payment.