Project name:

Moments In Bloom

Project description:

The Moments in Bloom team consist of two featured floral designers, Dede Barnes and Tara McClurkin. Both born and raised in San Diego, they started working together in 1997 at Dede’s family floral shop and this sparked their desire to go into floral design as partners.

Dede and Tara offer the highest quality flowers; hand picking and caring for them from start to finish. They know that every bride wants to create an unforgettable wedding day that is unique and expresses their own personal style. Moments in Bloom promises to listen, and is determined to work with you on every floral detail. This creative team promises to make your wedding florals a reflection of your personality, style, and dream.

Moments In Bloom came to Tell-Tale Arts initially to help with their print ad in a local San Diego wedding magazine. That single ad design has developed into a long-lasting business relationship that has included website updates, other print and digital ads, SEO, and social media marketing!