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San Diego Style Weddings Magazine

Project description:

As San Diego and Temecula’s largest bridal magazine publisher, San Diego Style Weddings does one thing better than any other regional bridal magazine, we give you year-round exposure to the greatest number of discriminating brides. For almost three decades, we have provided brides with intelligent, comprehensive, local information and advertisers with the ability to reach these brides effectively and cost efficiently. By an overwhelming margin, San Diego Style Weddings exposes your advertising message better and more often than any other wedding-related program.

As the head of the print, digital, and social media division of this thirty-year running regional wedding publication, we successfully helped streamline and modernize production of the extremely popular print magazine. We successfully expanded and created a highly effective digital aspect of the company that was underdeveloped and undervalued. Taking control of the Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest we were the major factor that allowed us to monetize these outlets, creating new revenue streams for the company in a purely organic atmosphere. We were both contributor and administrator of all of these areas.