Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is quite literally the bloodline of the vast majority of the flow of traffic on the internet today. Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo where they rank web pages and content like videos or local listings based on what that engine deems relevant to the user.

SEO is giving your current site or the site being build for you the ability to best be seen by those search engines. Having a stunning website that is visually appealing to your audience is only part of becoming optimized for these searches. There is a myriad of elements behind the scenes that help register you in those searches so that you come up time and time again at the top of the search results. Let’s face it, we all have searched the web before and no one ever goes deep into those search results pages. So why would you want to accept your website being buried in them? You don’t have to worry about that with Tell-Tale Arts. We can take your current site or future site and give it the tune-up it deserves to make it more appealing to Google, Bing and Yahoo’s algorithms as well as set up a structure going forward to make you successful as you grow and those algorithms develop!

The key to us being able to do excellent SEO (or any type of work for that matter) is to have a creative brief with you about your company. We collaborate with you to capture all the necessary information to create a dynamite SEO plan for you. Some of the items we will be asking you are the following:

  1. Background: Who are you? What is your business? What products or services do you offer? What is your desired outcome from your website? How does it fit into your “big picture?”
  2. Goals: What are your overall business goals? What are the specific goals related to this project?
  3. Scope: What are the parameters pertaining to this particular project? How do you plan to use the final result?
  4. Competition: What are your competitors doing? What are your specific industry trends?
  5. Audience: What is your target audience or demographic for your website?
  6. Brand: What are the guidelines your brand would like to follow for continuity?
  7. Timeline: This allows us to get a clear picture of a schedule and any milestones you may have.
  8. Budget: We pride ourselves in helping small to medium-sized businesses so we know this is important to you.

We offer a few options as far as SEO is concerned. Some are short-term and intended to get you on the right track with the intent for you to take the helm when we are done. Others are long-term partnerships to help guide you and your business into the future and absolutely crush online search results. The choice is up to you!

Bottom Line:

SEO Audit
A full audit of your site including recommendations for both improvement and expansion.
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SEO Audit & Overhaul
A full audit of your site including recommendations for both improvement and expansion.
Implementation of all suggestions
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SEO Management
per month
This option is in addition to our SEO Audit & Overhaul package and is continued on an ongoing basis determined by an agreed upon term limit between both parties. We do not set max limits for this option but minimum is 6months.
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